What does Calendaz do?

Calendaz is a fast, no-nonsense online calendar for entrepreneurs and their teams. For individuals it’s like a diary which helps you manage your busy schedule. For teams it’s like having a big wall planner or whiteboard, with different coloured pens. Perfect for planning a marketing calendar, a content calendar, meetings with potential clients, or key deadlines your team needs to hit.

What is the level of privacy?

As much as practically possible. Your calendar data is confidential, and you own it. None of your calendar data will be made public; sold to third parties; integrated into other products without your permission; or fed into advertising algorithms.

Can I access it on a phone?

Yes, and there’s nothing extra to install or pay for. Just sign in to on your phone and instantly get access to your calendar. Laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.

What about timezones?

Everyone on your team sees the same events on the same days, with times adjusted to match local timezones. Know exactly when you need to jump on a call with your international team-mates, no need for any complicated timezone math.

Are payments secure?

Yes. Your credit card details are securely stored with a Level 1 PCI payment provider (the most stringent level of certification available), and transmitted across a secure connection (the same level of security you’d use for online banking).

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

Calendaz supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

How do I use different colors?

Click the "Settings" button. Click the "Calendars" menu item. Click the "Edit" button next to the calendar you want to change. Type a hex color code or click the colored square to pick from a selection of colors. Click the "Update calendar" button.